As a kid, my family was an early adopter of technology. Though my first achievement was setting the clock on our VCR, I quickly moved on to basic programming on our Commodore 64. Soon after, a gift of per minute access to CompuServe opened our living room to the wonders of the early internet. Prior to the advent of the ubiquitous mobile phone, I took advantage of payphone exploits by storing coin tones on my mini-cassette recorder which I’d use anytime I received a page on my beeper.

Eventually I moved from slotting SoundBlasters to writing code for a variety of applications on my TI-82 calculator. A skill the faculty at Catholic High seemed to embrace. My unquenchable thirst for knowledge of all things tech is the cornerstone of both my business & personal philosophy – lifelong education & asking “why?” are the keys to the Rolls Royce of self-growth.

Today, I’m half social worker, half technology nerd. If my left and right brain were like my hands, I’d be ambidextrous. My strengths are centered around collaborating with others to craft creative solutions – solutions that solve problems & make life easier. I’m passionate about helping others, storytelling, education, and entrepreneurship. Personally, I enjoy racing sails, rowing crew, meeting new people, travelling, and laughing out loud.

I’ve rowed and coached crew in Little Rock since the Arkansas Boathouse Club was re-established in 2006. Our team travels to compete at a few regional regattas each season. In 2010, me and my wife Jessica spearheaded a pilot program with the Arkansas School for the Blind. We trained rival crews of police for an officer challenge at the Junction Bridge Regatta for which I also served as the Race Director in 2011 & 2012. I continued as Race Director for the 2013 & 2014 Six Bridges Regattas. I’ve served on the ABC Board of Directors since 2009.

An experienced quadcopter pilot, I use my skills and technology to improve our views at regattas. I’ve enjoyed helping others accomplish a variety of projects through use of my drone. I’ll soon have my ‘Part 107’ pilot’s license and look forward to new types of projects as they become available.

I race at the Grande Maumelle Sailing Club with an accomplished group of sailors and have served on the GMSC Board of Directors.

I’m always up for making new professional acquaintances. E-mail if you want to talk tech, TED, NPR, or just about anything as a know a little about everything.