About CCSI

Since 2001, Computer Components and Services, Inc. has been one of the state's leading providers of comprehensive enterprise solutions. In addition to offering consultation for personal computing solutions, our mission is to provide total support services, including Managed IT Services, help improve efficiency, increase productivity, and lower costs. We do IT so you don't have to. We help organizations focus on their core competencies to maximize potential.

Meet our Team

With over a century of combined experience, our sales, service, and support staff have the skill and knowledge to ensure your technology helps you achieve your objectives.

Jay Lucas, COO

I’ve worked with electronics and/or computers since 1972, beginning with circuit board design in the Radio Common Carrier industry...more info

Don Lewis

Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person. ...more info

Marvin Bonney, CTO

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Yates Phillips

As a kid, my family was an early adopter of technology. Though my first achievement was setting the clock on our VCR, I quickly moved on to basic programming on our Commodore 64. Soon after...more info