Sales Solutions

Computer Components & Services has an 18 year history of adopting leading IT solutions and services. Our recommendations are subject to extreme vetting. We partner with leading industry vendors as well as cutting edge innovators. We consult with our clients to design competitive solutions which balance their needs with their budgets.

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Managed IT

Businesses can not afford to be unprepared for disaster recovery. Even short term unplanned outages can cripple productivity. Mission critical data must be recoverable from disaster and systems must be maintained to run at peak performance. Our Managed IT services give you piece of mind at a fixed rate, eliminating risks and controlling costs.

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System Repair

Our team of experienced support personnel work hard to meet your needs. Our services are flexible and available regardless of contract status. We offer network monitoring and comprehensive managed services. Our IT professionals are available as a complement to your staff whether it be on a temporary or long term basis.

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We do tech, so you don't have to.

With over 120 years of combined experience in the technology sector, our core staff are prepared to take on any project. Be it large or small, we do it all. Managing your IT can be a chore. Hire our team of professionals to allow your team to focus on their core competencies.

It takes more than hardware and software to run most businesses. Our greatest asset is people, but they're also a vulnerability. On staff IT professionals can be costly. Instead, CCSI can manage your IT services with our team of on-call professionals.

We offer great service at a value price point. Ready to talk about how we can work together? Call us at 501.954.7788 to get in touch with our team today!


Will FCC regulate Facebook integration?

At one point or another, most everyone has used America Online’s instant messaging service AIM. Chances are, one or both of your parents still do. After recently being acquired by Verizon, AOL has decided to shut down their infamous messaging service on December 15th. ...should-the-fcc-regulate-cross-platform-facebook-integration

What is a VPN?

It's the best way to anonymize your activity online. Travelling to a foreign country? Using unsecured Wi-Fi? Need to conceal your online activity? Then using a Virtual Private Network is a must. Click through to learn how to protect your data. ...vpn-essentials


How to safeguard your data.

There are a wide variety of backup solutions available. From the basic yet effective Windows Backup & Recovery features to off-site data escrow, there are many options to choose from. Click through to our recent blog posting on how to protect against losing your data here