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Is your router vulnerable?1446089494_Wifi-Router

In May of this year, officials in private and public sectors warned of hackers infecting nearly a million consumer grade routers across the globe. Among the numerous types of infections, an especially nefarious purpose is what’s known as a VPNFilter to perform a man-in-the-middle attack …is your router vulnerable?

Will FCC regulate Facebook integration?

AIMAt one point or another, most everyone has used America Online’s instant messaging service AIM. Chances are, one or both of your parents still do. After recently being acquired by Verizon, AOL has decided to shut down their infamous messaging service on December 15th. …should-the-fcc-regulate-cross-platform-facebook-integration


What is a VPN?


It’s the best way to anonymize your activity online. Travelling to a foreign country? Using unsecured Wi-Fi? Need to conceal your online activity? Then using a Virtual Private Network is a must. Click through to learn how to protect your data. …vpn-essentials

feature-fast-serversHow to safeguard your data.

There are a wide variety of backup solutions available. From the basic yet effective Windows Backup & Recovery features to off-site data escrow, there are many options to choose from. Click through to our recent blog posting on how to protect against losing your data here …data-backup-solutions

1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users Are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam

Users of Google’s Calendar app are being warned about a scam that takes advantage of the popularity of the free service and its ability to schedule meetings easily.

In business, we schedule meetings all the time. One-off calls, recurring weekly updates, and the like. The latest warning from researchers at Kaspersky indicates the bad guys are using unsolicited Google Calendar notifications to trick user into clicking phishing links.

Follow this link to learn more: http://cc-si.net/1-5-billion-gmail-calendar-users-are-the-target-of-a-crafty-new-phishing-scam/

Fake E-Mail Eduation / E-Mail Security Alert

Below my commentary is one of the best looking fake emails I have ever received. The grammar is correct, the spelling is correct, the logos are correct, and the premise is reasonable. My personal email account is with AT&T and Yahoo does handle their email. At a quick glance, there is very little to indicate it’s a bad email. There are clues however.

Follow this link to learn what to look for: http://cc-si.net/fake-e-mail-education-e-mail-security-alert/

Digital Archiving

Nothing lasts forever. Digital archives can disappear in an instant. Hard drives are merely appliances. Like toasters, they fail. When smartphones and laptops are stolen, when online services shut down, and when natural disasters strike. To safeguard files adequately, we should have more than one copy, stored in more than one way, in more than one place.

For an in depth analysis read the full article: http://cc-si.net/digital-archiving/

Dozens of Vulnerabilities in Six Leading Enterprise Printers

Researchers at NCC Group, the global cyber security and risk mitigation specialist, have uncovered significant vulnerabilities in six commonly used enterprise printers, highlighting the vast attack surface that can be presented by internet-connected printers. The team tested multiple aspects of six mid-range enterprise printers, including web application and web services, firmware and update capabilities, along with hardware analysis. The printers—manufactured by HP, Ricoh, Xerox, Lexmark, Kyocera and Brother—were tested using basic tools, some dating back 40 years. The research uncovered a wide range of vulnerabilities, including some that emerged almost instantly. For further information on vulnerability: http://cc-si.net/ncc-group-uncovers-dozens-of-vulnerabilities-in-six-leading-enterprise-printers/